Automated Campaign Templates


Grow Your Audience

Lead Magnet Email Series
inspired by Justuno

Offer a lead magnet — a.k.a. freebie or incentive — on your sign up form to entice people to join your list? This automated series will deliver it to your new subscribers immediately after they join your list.


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Mini-Course Email Series
inspired by Thinkific

If you’re a course creator, a free email mini-course is the perfect way to show off your expertise, build a relationship with new subscribers, and then promote your paid course at the perfect time. This campaign will help you do just that!


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Welcome Email Series

Use this automated email series to welcome new subscribers to your list and begin building a relationship with them.


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Sell Something

Cart Abandonment Emails inspired by Shopify

People who have added your product to their shopping cart but don't end up finishing the purchase have incredibly high potential to become customers. Easily send a promotional offer to encourage them to purchase with this campaign.


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On-Demand Content Purchase

Use this automated email series to provide on-demand access to a recent buyer. Selling a digital asset online? Deliver it with this campaign, already made for you!


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Fitness Buy-Up Prompt

Check out this single-message campaign specifically designed to put your best offer in front of your loyal readers. In the fitness industry? Great! This campaign is especially geared towards you! If you're not, we made it super easy to update and make the content relevant to your business. Try it out!


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