A running list of the ways we're improving the platform.


Stripe products in AWeber

Our Ecommerce element now shows products created inside of a user's Stripe account. This is huge win for small business owners who have everything configured and want to hit the ground running and for people to sell the same product on multiple landing pages at lightening speed.




Logo Creator - Powered by Canva

Users now have the ability to create their own logos with the Canva button!




Create Beautiful Images with The New Canva Button!

You can now create & edit professional looking images for posters, landing pages, and emails, all without having to leave the AWeber editor.

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Wrapping lines with a new dynamic content filter

A new dynamic content filter "wordwrap()" is now available. It gives the user more granular control over how their content is rendered. Strings can now be wrapped to new lines when the "next" word is too long to fit on the line of a specified with.



{{ "Chocolate bar soufflé dessert. Brownie tiramisu gummi bears donut donut tiramisu halvah sesame snaps tart. Cheesecake fruitcake chupa chups ice cream." | wordwrap(width=20, break_long_words=False, wrapstring="<br/>", break_on_hyphens=True)}}


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Available Now: Duplicate a Landing Page with One Click!

Users are able to quickly share their landing pages with others!




WordPress plugin now supports Web Push

Our AWeber for WordPress plugin has been updated to support Web Push notifications!

We received great feedback from our users about the challenges they encounter trying to gain access to their website's root directory. Our response was to automate those challenging steps with our WordPress plugin which is already connected to 10,000+ accounts. Once the AWeber for WordPress plugin is activated, users must only select the appropriate list and they are done!

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