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Intro to Basic Care 

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Our curriculum covers different aspects of taking care of houseplants, such as watering, lighting, soil, pests, and diseases. New to houseplants? No worries! This course in particular is designed to suit the needs of beginners as well as advanced learners.
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Let's get growing!
Throughout the course, there will be hands-on activities and demonstrations to help students apply the concepts learned in class. Students will also have access to online resources, such as videos and plant care guides, to supplement their learning. By the end of the course, students would have the knowledge and skills to confidently care for a variety of houseplants and enjoy their benefits.
What You Will Learn
🌿    Introduction to Houseplants
🌱    Plant Anatomy and Growth
🪴    Light Requirements
🌷    Fertilizing and Pruning

"I have never been able to keep a houseplant healthy for more than a few months. Since taking courses with The Plant Parent Training Co, I have been able to not only keep my plants alive for over a year, I have been able to help them grow and thrive."


Lilian Page, Plant Parent Training Co Alumn



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